MidnightDreams Photography is my passion. To capture the beauty I see around me for all time and share it with the world.

MidnightDreams.com is a domain name I registered back in 1995 when domain names cost $70 a year and AOL was king of internet access providers. Back then I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, but it spoke to me.

It reminded me that the things you see and think in the dark as one day turns to the next are special and almost magical. They are also extremely personal and unique to each person.

When I decided to get more serious about my photography I finally knew exactly what I had always wanted to do with the name and it became the name of my Photography brand.

I hope you like what I share, like any art it is my vision, the way I see the world around me and the things that “speak” to me that I want to capture. They are in instant in time, a microsecond in the grand scheme of things and each moment should be remembered.

If you want to know a bit about me personally you can check out my personal blog where I share whatever strikes my fancy (It is my “personal” blog after all 🙂 )